Perineal tear prevention and cervical preparation for birth.

evening primrose oil induction labour

Tear prevention and cervical preparation for birth.
Studies have shown that perineal massage from 34 weeks can reduce the likelihood of tearing during childbirth. You can massage and stretch the perineum using olive oil or pierce an evening primrose oul capsule. Use both thumbs to gently stretch out and massage the area by placing them about an inch into the vagina.
Some women have also sworn by evening primrose oil to help ripen the cervix making dilatation quicker and easier, thus making birth shorter. Although no true studies have proven this, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence. Of my 5 children, the two that I used evening primrose oil with I dilated from 3-10cm within 40 minutes!
Some women take them orally from 35 weeks and some use them vaginally too from 36 weeks onwards. Evening primrose oil causes the body to produce extra prostaglandins which help to soften the cervix over time. They won't necessarily induce labour but they will help to prepare your cervix.

Evening primrose oil can be taken orally from 35 weeks at 1000mg twice daily. You can start inserting them vaginally at 37 weeks along with the  oral dose if you wish.

Borage oil is also sometimes used in the same manner as it is similar to evening primrose oil but higher concentrations of the prostaglandin enhancer.