Increasing breastmilk supply

increase breastmilk supply

Breastmilk supply....what worked for you? I found that when I had my first son, I had an over supply - more milk than my baby could handle. That didn't seem to follow with subsequent children however as I felt like my body wasn't producing enough and that cluster feeding was going on all day every day for weeks.
Cluster feeding is normal at certain times with babies, usually when they are having a growth spurt during the first few days after birth, 7-10 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months. This is when it feels like the baby is constantly feeding but it's the baby's way of telling your body to make more milk. It usually passes within a couple of days after each growth spurt.
Anyhow, with my babies it seemed to be more than that so I decided to try certain things to increase my supply. I drank more water and took fenugreek capsules. This did work but when I sweat it smelled like curry 🤢😂 so I decided to take a tip from a colleague and try porridge oats. I ate 2 bowls a day and within 2 days I noticed an obvious difference! That coupled with more water meant I was producing enough milk to even pump and save some for when I might need it. In my current situation it will be in 2 weeks time when I go to see Drake & Boyz ll Men in concert in the same week 😁😁 .
Let me know what has worked for you to increase your milk supply....